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Video made on the Spring Equinox of 2014 over 24 hours with a smartphone at our redwoods garden

Gardens and Projects Photo Library Resource

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California State Flower, Golden Poppy

Community Spirit Award ~

Garden Walk Inventory

 Public landscape Inventory booklet of our gardens & projects

Placerville Plant Palette

Recommended plant list, master plant summary list & plant list sampler montage

Community Pride Mobile

Mobile App Garden Walk with Historic Points of Interest

Volunteers at work.... 

City Gardens

Photo library of our gardens

Community Pride Gardens and Projects Archives

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Community Pride

Blooms & Beneficials

Plant list photo library

Community Pride 

Signature Mountain Theme

Plant list photo library

Public Art

Photo library of our Garden Wall mural, Fern Fairy murals  & local hero Snowshoe Thompson mural

Work Projects

Photo library of our projects ​

Community Pride Website

For More Information about Volunteer Works

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Placerville Community Pride Communique' Photo Montage 2014

Volunteer Work Days

volunteer work days at Gardens & Project and City mulch work days

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Fundraising & Public Outreach ~

Master Plant Database

A synthisis & working database of Placerville plant palettes -- prepared for the City by the Community Pride  City Master Plant  List Workgroup  

Community Pride

Upland to Riparian

Plant list photo library

Gardens and Projects Plant Palette Database

"Dedicated to Improving the Grace and Charm of Placerville"

City Garden * Work Projects * Public Art

Historic Garden Old Placerville Walk ~

Gardens & Projects Inventory 2007, Gateway to Sierra, Creek at Clay Park, River of Gold, 

Fox Lot Garden Project and our Beginnings

Special edition sesquicentennial garden walk with historic spaces--prepared for the City by Community Pride with the EDC Heritage Association in celebration of Placerville's 150 year golden past.  Photos on the left show our "Main Street Maples" and photos on the right show a sampling of our garden projects, plaques, shade trees, before & after, Earth Day, Creek Day and our work days since the Community Pride committee was formed in 1990.  Photos are from our Inventory Documents & Community Pride Web Page  on the City of Placerville Website since 1995. 

Flyers, Samplers & Brochures 

Monument Project flyer, Plant List sampler and Garden Walk brochure